eat poop you cat

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Yes, I would like my potato cooked

Posted by kd on October 30, 2007

Last Friday I had the lovely experience of dining at a Wendy’s here in Richmond. Now I know this is not a place where fancy foods and fine dining are to be expected, but you would at least think they would know what’s on their own menu. I don’t usually eat fast food, but I was out and had a weird craving for potatoes. So I drive up to the window and order a baked potato. The guy asks me “what kind of potato do you want?” With a weird and puzzled look, i replied “uh…cooked?” to which he responded “no, like, how do you want it?” At this point I was really confused and just blurted out without thinking, “baked!” and I was promptly shooed on to the next window. In the end I did end up with a baked potato and a few pouches of sour cream (yes, sour cream comes in a bag) so all ended well, but still. Oh crazy Indiana.


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