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An open letter to the state of Ohio

Posted by kd on October 31, 2007

”Most countries post signage, known as traffic signs or road signs, at the side of roads to impart information to road users.” -Wiki

Dear Ohio,

I have but one simple request, please label your streets. I know, it’s a hassle, but it would really help people to hate you less (we still haven’t forgotten the 2004 election). When driving one generally enjoys the comfort of knowing what road they’re on and which roads they are passing. In Ohio, however, one is not afforded that luxury. Your lack of street sings has rendered all of my maps useless and caused me to spend countless hours wandering around in the backwoods of Jesusland. I just ask for this one favor, I’ll even help you put them up.




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Yes, I would like my potato cooked

Posted by kd on October 30, 2007

Last Friday I had the lovely experience of dining at a Wendy’s here in Richmond. Now I know this is not a place where fancy foods and fine dining are to be expected, but you would at least think they would know what’s on their own menu. I don’t usually eat fast food, but I was out and had a weird craving for potatoes. So I drive up to the window and order a baked potato. The guy asks me “what kind of potato do you want?” With a weird and puzzled look, i replied “uh…cooked?” to which he responded “no, like, how do you want it?” At this point I was really confused and just blurted out without thinking, “baked!” and I was promptly shooed on to the next window. In the end I did end up with a baked potato and a few pouches of sour cream (yes, sour cream comes in a bag) so all ended well, but still. Oh crazy Indiana.

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The cake is a lie!

Posted by kd on October 29, 2007

Instead of actually catching up on all the work I had to do this weekend, I decided to make some wallpapers inspired by one of the most fun games ever, Portal. Right now, they are 1440×900 but I’ll probably get around to making them in all sorts of exciting sizes later. Anyway, enjoy!

The cake is a lieCake is a lie white

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